Meet Lynn Beeler

Lynn Beeler

A Journey of Discovery

I’m delighted you chose to visit my fine art photography gallery, and I look forward to sharing my collections with you.

My art is a mix of traditional and contemporary voices, and they are the perfect art décor for your home, office, or hospitality space. Many images I share in these collections have found space in gallery exhibits, shows, and publications.

I don’t create art to change the world. I make art so we may feel the truth and beauty of our world.

I create themes, and each art photograph is part of a thematic collection that explores those patchy spaces between the visually significant and seemingly insignificant.

As a working artist, I grapple each day with life’s problems just as my collectors do, so when I complete a work, I take a deep breath and let the quiet joy of the natural world return to my life, and I hope that my work brings moments of peace, and joy into your life too.

As I continue to develop as an artist, I find myself evolving and transforming my work.

All artists, be they art photographers, or other disciplines, start somewhere and then go somewhere— they evolve. This evolving and maturing is true of my work too. I began with a reverence for natural beauty— the Western Landscape— but over time I learned that I could not only share beautiful images, but I could also narrate a meaningful story with a collection of images. Today I create themes that provide a visual narrative. I’ve evolved and work to make art for an audience who may share ideas, feelings, or sensibilities with me, and that experience is always transformative.  .

Cloud Kissed Tetons

“What I like about photographs is that you capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

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